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Household relocation

Although Allied Logistics concentrates on commercial shipments, by road, sea and air, we are highly motivated and focused on our relocation department.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced packers, who have been working in the Sultanate of Oman for many years.

We offer full door to door relocation packages, to and from any destination in the world. From the moment a quotation is accepted by our clients, we will take full control and responsibility for the entire move, until final delivery at destination.

Allied Logistics Image 2In Oman, we have a fantastic welcoming package, which includes orientation, home search, school search, and social events for newcomers. We can also offer a home and school search in most other countries, should you be leaving the Sultanate.

Our after care service ensures that all insurance claims are fully dealt with, and any damage, should the shipment be insured, is repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Office relocation

We can move your organisation, be it large or small, with minimal disruption. Our wealth of experience in office migrations makes it your best choice, when it comes to this stressful time.

Allied Logistics Image 1We understand the importance of being able to carry on with your day-to-day operations, and as such, we will work to your time frames, be it day, or night. We consider a move as a serious project, and have invested in our own employees to ensure they have been trained to the highest level to complete such tasks.

Allied Logistics can offer real time tracking of ALL packages, at 3 different stages of the office. This is usually required for confidential materials, or materials of high value.

Our staff are highly motivated and trained, and will guide you and your staff throughout the migration process, to ensure maximum staff safety, and ease of transition.

Transport of musical instruments

Allied Logistics Image 5Allied Logistics handles many shipments for organisations and individuals who require door to door transportation of high value, and fragile musical instruments.

Every single piece of equipment is given individual attention, and packed for transportation accordingly. We use high quality material to ensure the equipment is safe, secure, and stabilised, during its journey. Our team of highly skilled carpenters are on hand to create specially made transport crates for all shapes and sizes of musical equipment.

Fine art and antiquities

The Allied Logistics’ team is well trained and experienced with handling high value cargo, such as paintings, fine art, and antiques. This makes Allied Logistics one of the few companies in Oman who can handle the full spectrum of logistic requirements.

We can also offer security for high value cargo, assistance with exhibition set-up, and temperature controlled warehousing and transport for delicate cargo. 

Custom clearance

Our custom clearance partners have extensive knowledge in import/export procedures, and have more than 15 years experience in the local market.

With our clearance agents covering all sea, air, and road ports of Oman, we can assure you that all bases are covered.

Along with our experienced custom clearance partners, we have an excellent customer service team, who are available night and day to answer any queries, or deal with any problems you may have.

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GCC transportation (road/sea/air)

Allied Logistics can handle all types of shipments, to and from any country in the GCC as easily as organising a domestic shipment in Oman. We have a large network of partners throughout the GCC whom we have worked with for a number of years. Our experience in the market has helped us build strong relationships with many organisations throughout the GCC.

Allied Logistics Image 6Commercial logistics

Allied Logistics has an expansive fleet of vehicles at the ready, through our local network of contractors. Allied has a global network of service partners in every country, allowing us to handle import and export shipments by land, sea, and air, seamlessly.

Allied specialises in urgent shipments and expediting emergency shipments around the world. The system expedites critically urgent shipments beginning from pickup at the origin through to delivery at the final destination. It helps minimise down time and keeps projects running smoothly.

Often the most difficult cargo to ship is Dangerous Goods (DG) cargo. It requires very special packaging, documentation, permits and handling. Allied is able to handle all types of dangerous goods, and we take the stress and worry away from our valuable clients.

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