Oman Tourism Development Company, OMRAN, was established in 2005 by the Government of Oman as the executive arm of the Sultanate responsible for delivering sustainable and authentic tourism assets, lifestyle communities and destinations that drive economic growth and contribute to the diversification of the economy.

To achieve our mandate, we play a leading role in supporting the overarching goals of Oman Vision 2040, which underpins the tourism sector as a crucial economic diversifier and accelerator. In line with that, the National Tourism Strategy 2040 is at the core of OMRAN’s operating framework, and the company works hand in hand with The Ministry of Tourism to achieve its goals. The strategy primarily aims at achieving four objectives: boosting tourist arrivals into the country, building up the nation’s tourism infrastructure, creating employment for Omanis and generating opportunities for SME’s to participate in the tourism sector.

CP Muscat OCEC ClOur current portfolio boasts a number of major projects and assets that are located in the most strategic locations and tourism clusters across the Sultanate. As a catalyst of investment, OMRAN’s core objective is to attract FDI in the tourism sector to support social and economic growth of the Sultanate. This has been achieved through a number of avenues, most noticeably through development partnership agreements with renowned regional and global developers.

Committed to ensuring a sustainable future for Oman through investment in its people, its heritage and its infrastructure, OMRAN has intrinsic local development programmes that boost in-country-value, job generation and provide many business opportunities for local companies and SMEs. 

Doing Business With OMRAN

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